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this blog is dedicated to the amazing and talented brother and sister duo, Angus and Julia Stone.
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The best part about playing with Julia is her honesty through the way she writes and her stream of poetry and her lyrics with the way she’s feeling with the world and her heartache. It’s something that when I hear it I’m like “oh shit”! She’s really beautiful in that way because there’s that element that she’s not holding anything back to save herself from what people think, which is really brave, there’s just no filter.
- Angus Stone

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Title: Clouds Above
Artist: Angus Stone
Album: Broken Brights
Plays: 56


There once was a girl who lived inside a tree

She liked ginger biscuits with scones and cups of tea

Title: Grizzly Bear
Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
Plays: 234

Can I take you home?
We can go anywhere you wanna go
Can I take you high?
Till the moon in the sky?
We can go as far as you wanna go

This album is extraordinary, Angus and Julia are truly unique musicians. They are authentic and pure people who do things from the heart.” - Rick Rubin


Angus & Julia Stone.

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Hi I heard the acoustic version of Big Jet Plane you posted and I LOVE it! But it's different from the one on iTunes? Can you tell me where you found it?

yeah its a acoustic version angus and julia done for virgin radio > here

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Angus & Julia Stone photographed by Ryan Kenny

Angus & Julia Stone photographed by Ryan Kenny

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have you seen angus' new girlfriend? so so adorable together

i haven’t seen her that’s really sweet though!

Julia Stone photographed by Jessie Hill

Julia Stone photographed by Jessie Hill